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There she goes again... [entries|friends|calendar]
Oh~So~Magical Megyn

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[ mood | tired ]

ink much?Collapse )


Wow [May0506]
[ mood | amused ]

So it looks like I've never ever posted anything here. I mostly use GJ, cos its just better. Perhaps I should start here to? Yes. I promise to be interesting. I must keep this promise. mmmhmmm.

If anyone is interested in my more developed journal, go to www.hollowxlies.greatestjournal.com


[ mood | sad ]

This sucks...Quinne from Suicide Girls might leave...she's my absolute favourite...sadness.


[ mood | bored ]

Bleh, its so irritating when its a Saturday, you have absolutely nothing to do, and you wake up early. I hate it. I woke up at 9:30 today. laskjdflasjflkaf. Its like a waste of sleep. I couldn't go back to bed, cos I'm lame or something, so instead I'm on l'internet, pretending to be French? (L'internet...yeah). And Kita isn't awake yet so bleh.

Last night I was so bored. I couldn't go hang out with Kita cos her dad is sick and she had to stay with him, so I had to try to find somebody to hang out with. I tried to call Ashley, but she already had plans to go pick up Alan and go to a bar, but I'm just a baby so I couldn't go. And then I tried to call Ryan, but he had to work a graveyard shift. Sad. And then I called Carrie. She was in Olympia at a show...effing Coretta Scott. Thats where all the cool kids were last night and the night before. I don't even know them. And Carlie was with Carrie, so that was out of the question. So then I tried calling Dorinda. She was at the bowling alley with Mike...ugh. I tried calling Devvan, but Travis said he wasn't there. That was a lie. He called back (Devvan, that is) and was like "Come over! Adrian is here!" So I went over, played some DDR (whooo!) and we sat in the kitchen and ate poptarts til 11:30. Yup. And then I went home cos I had a really bad headache last night.

Well, thats all for now.


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